How to be a Community Champion

Thank you for your interest in being a Community Champion!

Listed below are 10 ideas on how you can be a Community Champion in support of the Say Yes to Good Food in Schools Campaign. These are only suggestions – you can be creative and help spread the word using your own initiatives and ideas. 

1. Share your reason for Saying Yes to Good Food In Schools: Tell us why you said Yes to Good Food In Schools below and you may be featured on our website! Share your reason in the box below. 

2. Share on Social Media: Like us on Facebook (/studentnutrition), follow us on Twitter (@OSNPsouthwest), follow us on instagram (osnp_swr) and email your friends and family and ask them to Take the Pledge! Please forward this link:

3. Launch a school drive to get everyone at your child’s school to Take the Pledge!

4. Spread the Word: Share the Say Yes campaign message at your workplace or when talking to friends, neighbours and family.

5. Ask your child’s school to promote it on its Facebook, Twitter, school newsletter or the outdoor or in-school close circuit messaging board.

6. Ask your school’s Parent Council to promote the pledge as well.

7. Reach out to local non-profits that support youth, healthy eating and education requesting that they Take the Pledge!

8. Snap and Post: Use your cell phone to capture selfies or videos of friends, family, coworkers etc. explaining why they are Taking the Pledge! Post on Facebook or Twitter. Caption with the hashtag #sayyestogoodfoodinschools.

9. Get Artsy: Ask the art teacher in your child’s school to have students create posters to be displayed in the school to remind students how many days are left to Take the Pledge.

10. Set a Goal: Set a goal for the number of pledges for the school and announce the total number of pledges reached at an assembly on December 10th, 2015 or during morning announcements.


Tell us why you said Yes to Good Food In Schools below and you may be featured on our website.

"I Say Yes to Good Food in Schools because I want to make healthy food choices for my children that will last a life time" ~ MaryAnne Stewart, Windsor Regional Hospital

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